Hi!  I’m Amy.  I'm setting an intention each day for one year and sharing it. 

Why? To spread a little light into the world. 

And I’m inviting you to join me! 

Start your intention project today.


I'm a curious person.  Add a longing to create + limited time (husband, 2 kids and a baby + giant dog + petite cat + home life) + a yoga practice + the desire to grow + the wish to share and you get...

The Intention Project. 

Setting an intention was first introduced to me fifteen years ago (gasp!) in my first yoga class.  I fell in love with the practice.   At first I used the intention that the teacher suggested.  I continued showing up on the mat and got better at listening to my intuition, and I started allowing an intention to come to me, rather than trying to think it.

And then it began showing up outside of the yoga studio, into daily life.  

The "we've-got-to-get -to-school-NOW!" approach made each morning crazy.  What if I set an intention for a peaceful morning?  Everyone felt better and the kids had a happy start to the day rather than a stressful send-off.

We decided to move. Ah! So much to do!  It will be hard to find a house we like in the neighborhood we want to be in!  Instead...what if I set my intention for an easy transition?  It was.

What if I set an annual Intention, rather than resolutions?  This year it is "Presence". I'm feeling it and I think my family does too.

And now.  What if I set an intention EVERY SINGLE DAY?  And I shared it.  It's only a few words.  I can do this.  What if you decide to join me?

I'm curious to see what happens....